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For more than a century Lindsborg has been home of the Swedish Pavilion building from the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exhibition at St. Louis. The building was designed and constructed using native materials in Sweden, then torn apart board by board, shipped to St. Louis, and reconstructed. In 1905 the Honorable W. W. Thomas, United States Minister to Sweden and Norway, purchased the building and donated it to Bethany College.

The pavilion was used by the college art department until 1969 when it was moved to Heritage Square at the McPherson County Old Mill Museum complex in south Lindsborg, where it has been painstakingly restored.

In 1976, as part of his Bicentennial tour of the United States, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden came to Lindsborg and rededicated the building.

Swedish Pavilion in Lindsborg, KS - Smoky Valley

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